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The following samples were selected from Rick's personal library of recordings and compositions. They represent just a few of his favorite collaborations and musical experiences.

Originals in cronological order

Title Group Listen
Heartbeat Agent WinMedia    RealPlayer    Quicktime
I Can't Hold Back Agent WinMedia    RealPlayer    Quicktime
She Trusted Me Agent WinMedia    RealPlayer    Quicktime
Trains Bruce Wright WinMedia    RealPlayer    Quicktime
Long Long Way to Go Peter Sylvestre WinMedia    RealPlayer    Quicktime
Lorelei Montana WinMedia    RealPlayer    Quicktime
Just a Minute Montana WinMedia    RealPlayer    Quicktime
You're Not Alone Thread WinMedia    RealPlayer    Quicktime
Dream House Storming Heaven WinMedia    RealPlayer    Quicktime
She Wolf Storming Heaven WinMedia    RealPlayer    Quicktime
Commercial Spots
Company Listen
Coca Cola   WinMedia    RealPlayer    Quicktime
Cable TV Network WinMedia    RealPlayer    Quicktime
Milk Commercial   WinMedia    RealPlayer    Quicktime
Dairy Foundation   WinMedia    RealPlayer    Quicktime
Airline   WinMedia    RealPlayer    Quicktime
Title Watch
Just a Minute   WinMedia     Flash
Lorelei W WinMedia     Flash
Reelin   WinMedia     Flash

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